Make the most out of your summer with these super easy and affordable outdoor space ideas for your backyard or patio. Since these seasonal spaces are primarily used during the warmer months, they are often prone to deterioration due to less use over periods of time. Not only does this make decorating for spring that much harder, but it calls for the need to freshen things up more often, especially if it’s looking unkempt. To get the most out of these wonderful additions to a home, consider these summer outdoor space ideas.

Best Backyard Upgrades

To begin, explore some of the best backyard upgrades you can make for the summer months:
  • Get New Fabrics – Stocking up on some new pillows, cushions, and other fabric items is an easy and cost-effective way to liven up the space. Consider vibrant colors that compliment the warm weather, and make sure they’re in line with your yard’s overall theme (if there is one). Also, remember to store them either inside or in a secure bin to avoid damage.
  • Install New Lighting – A poorly lit outdoor space nearly defeats its purpose. Outdoor light fixtures are a great way to enhance both function and style, especially when carefully placed and positioned. Use them to highlight or drape along architectural features, or accent existing structures like gardens, walkways, umbrellas, etc. Outdoor chandeliers and other fixtures also work well above an enclosed patio to brighten the room and add a flair of elegance.
  • Feel the Breeze – Consider installing a ceiling fan to provide some additional breeze to your outdoor space. Not only do ceiling fans serve a functional purpose, but they can also add a sense of comfort and coziness to any space. Palm leaf fans are fantastic for tropical and earthy styles, while the more contemporary fan styles will work well with modern homes.
  • Liven Up With Plants – Whether you have a green thumb or not, investing in some dazzling plants can liven up your backyard without much hassle or maintenance. Large potted plants are easy to maintain and can bring forth a lush environment to further detail the design of your space. 

How to Make Your Backyard Look Nice

So you’ve considered some upgrades and realized your yard already has most of what you need… that’s totally fine! Knowing how to make your backyard look nice entails more than buying and staging with completely new stuff. Here are some things to consider when styling your yard for a fully-functional and eye-catching atmosphere:
  • Mind Your Seating – Pay attention to how your seating structure works for your patio or backyard. Too many chairs or couches in one area can look clogged, while overly dispersed seating can cause annoying shuffling for larger groups. It may seem common knowledge, but attention to detail is key when learning how to spruce up outdoor spaces.
  • Line Your Walkways – When a yard features walkways of brick, cobble, pebbles, or other material, the edges of these paths can look jarring from stone to grass. Consider lining these paths with small plants or flowers, or adding some mulch on either side to act as a barrier between the grounds.
  • Make Shade – On super hot days, having shade coverage is crucial for being able to enjoy your outdoor space. Spread out umbrellas around your yard, or consider a retractable sunroof to extend over your patio. 
These outdoor space ideas can certainly get the ball rolling, but don’t be afraid to get creative with your yard. This is again, your personal space, and the choices you make should reflect your personal tastes, interests, and character.
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