There’s no way to hide it—interest in artificial plants for home decor is growing significantly in popularity, and not without good cause. A home filled with plants is a happy one, but the burden and tedium of caring for real plants can suck that joy right out of the room. However, artificial indoor alternatives allow you to beautifully decorate your abode without all the hassle of watering and trimming, and without limitations as to where, or how you can place them.

Check out these tips for potting artificial indoor plants, as well as some of the many benefits these faux greens have to offer.

Benefits of Fake Plants For Home Decor

When you choose to go with fake plants for home decor, you open up a whole realm of possibilities you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to with the real thing. Here are some key benefits to using artificial greens in your home.

  • Low Maintenance – Fake plants require absolutely zero green thumb or gardening expertise, and minimal maintenance is needed other than an occasional dusting or repositioning.
  • Cleaner and Safer – Real plants can definitely have positive effects on the air quality of your home, but they also can bring on allergies and pests. With fake plants for home decor, you can skip the dirt, skip the mess, and enjoy non-toxic greens for children and pets.
  • Wide Variety – Here’s something you can’t do with a delicate real plant—place it absolutely anywhere you want. Forget worrying about sun position or leaves/stems falling onto delicate belongings, and let your imagination do the decision making.
  • Versatility – Artificial plants can be repositioned, shaped up, trimmed, and altered to fit your exact liking, making them much easier to carry, transport, and place on display.

Decorating Ideas With Artificial Plants For Home Decor

While investing in some artificial indoor plants for home decor definitely lets you be creative, there are still some cool ways to go about organizing your greens to make them stand out just a little bit more. Consider these decorating ideas when placing your faux plants:

  • Experimenting With Focal Points – Plants can often be the focal point of a room, and going artificial allows you to take that to another level. Whether it’s a potted fig tree in the dining room, or a droopy shrub that hangs from the ceiling next to your bed, changing up the focal points and layers of a room can really add some pop.
  • Cluster Your Plants – Cluttering isn’t normally a good thing for interior design, but clusters of plants near each other in a curated manner can turn into some dazzling displays. Combine different plants like cacti or palms to bring lushness into a room, and switch up the pots to add some detailing at the base.
  • The Art of Accenting – In a larger and more commonly used space in your home such as a living room, you never want to go overboard and make your den look like a jungle. Instead, it’s all about accenting, and knowing where to place each plant to compliment other decorative features. Some of the best fake plants for the living room are small potted features for coffee tables and shelves, or medium-sized greens for the room’s corners.

Best Way to Shop For Artificial Plants

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