Indoor plant lovers of all kinds may be shocked to hear that faux is quickly becoming the way to go, as the benefits of fake plants over real ones have sparked a renewed interest in artificial greenery.

In previous years, fake plants were credited with a terrible reputation for their tackiness, inability to look real, and inferiority over real plants within the world of interior design. However, time has done wonders to the fake plant industry, as aesthetic improvements and an ever-growing range of choices has led people to veer from the days of swatting bugs and sweeping up soil. 

Real or Fake Plants in a Living Room?

When it comes to deciding between real or fake plants in the living room, surprisingly, faux has way more pros than its real alternative. Often the focal point of a house, there are a few reasons why the living room is usually the perfect place when adding some life through the use of plants. 

  • Low Maintenance – Are you someone who has killed every plant they’ve put in their home? Fake plants don’t require a green thumb, and minimal maintenance is needed other than an occasional dusting. Going on vacation? Don’t worry about returning to decrepit greens. They’ll look just the same as when you left!
  • Cleaner and Safer – Real plants can definitely have positive effects on the air quality of your home, but they also can bring on allergies and pests. Faux plants don’t require normal potting or accurate soil management, and they’re non-toxic for children and pets roaming through the living room.
  • Versatility – Artificial plants can be repositioned, shaped up, trimmed, and even put in places where real ones anatomically couldn’t. Keep in mind it may look weird if a tree is sprouting from a hanging bowl, but creativity can shine when there’s no worry of the plant dying.
  • Wide Variety – Some real plants are dependent on a very strict amount of water, sunlight, shade, and other factors that severely hinder where they can go. Fake plants allow you to choose from a vast selection of normal to exotic plants that can go anywhere in your living room, and not stuck to a wall corner or window sill.

Do Fake Plants Make You Happy?

In the scope of environmental psychology, we must warn you: there is no chemical benefit of real plants that add to one’s happiness. Instead, this feeling is centered on the concept that caring for a living thing can bring on satisfaction, which in turn provides a sense of glee. If you pair that with the positive associations we as humans have with beauty in the natural world, then sure, real plants can make you happy. But what about fake plants? This again relies entirely on the person. But in truth, a beautiful home filled with things you desire certainly plays a part in one’s happiness. So, do fake plants make you happy? Sure they can, as long as they are what you want in your home and what you feel is best for yourself and your family.

An Unmatched Passion For Artificial Flowers and Plants

With over 35 years of prominence within the botanical industry, we at Plants to Porch have learned a thing or two about what makes artificial greens so significant to one’s home. Our high attention to detail and use of the highest quality materials has fueled a passionate artistic vision toward creating the most realistic faux greenery. With our constantly growing selection of products, we’re sure to provide you with the best in the business with all the proper care along the way. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.