Artificial plants and trees are great ways to liven up your home, especially when decorating your yard, but what are the best fake plants for your front porch?

Sometimes when a green thumb goes sore, many turn to faux plants as a way to spice things up in their home decor without the hassle of gardening. Most of the best fake plants for your front porch are simple to find and relatively cheap, and fortunately a lot of options exist to give your homefront the swagger it deserves.

Popular Artificial Plants For Front Porch Decoration

Among the many to choose from, a good portion of artificial plants for your front porch consist of trees, ferns, and bushes, to provide good proportional sizing and to be seen from afar. When decorating a porch or yard, an important aspect to note is the ability to catch one’s eye, and usually the focal points consist of larger, more robust plants. Still, mixing and matching keeps things juicy, so here are a variety of faux plants to get you started.

  • Ferns

Ferns are great because of their versatility and their ability to be potted, hung, or placed on furniture with ease. You can also adjust the branches and leaves to your liking, which make them a formidable choice for outside a home.

  • Fig and Ficus Trees

Because of their height and broad stature, fig and ficus trees can cover huge portions of space, and especially look good when mirrored with another in front of things like doors or front steps. Their lofty leaves can be manipulated greatly, and they tend to look as real as fake plants come.

  • Bushes, Bushes, Bushes!

Able to cover good chunks of space, many plant bushes are perfect for their wide range of positioning and ability to bring color to your porch. Artificial potted plants for front porch decoration like hibiscus, sequoia, aloe, or even flowers like daisies can be placed accordingly, especially on corner pieces and table displays.

  • Vines, Garlands, and Ivys 

These are great choices to cover things like support beams, walls, or to wrap around porch railings. Vines like bougainvillea come with different flower color options, which can help you match styles and look authentic, especially if you’re going for an old-timey, antique feel.

Styling Your Home Accordingly

Artificial Plants for your front porch are sure ways to add flare and style to your home, but knowing where they fit best is half the battle. 

  • Look for spots that may be bare or have blemishes, and use the power of fake vegetation to clean them up. Front doors tend to draw people’s eyes, so that’s always a great place to begin. 
  • Take weather into consideration – you wouldn’t want your beautiful faux flower to fall over from some wind. 
  • Know your limits – sometimes too many plants can look tacky and overgrown. 
  • Make sure to color match with your home so things don’t look out of place. 

Plants to Porch

Are you looking to decorate your home or yard, and think faux is the way to go? Plants to Porch has been providing outdoor flowers and plants of the highest quality for over 35 years. Our wide range of products is sure to provide you with elite decorative plants that fit your home, keeping in mind an attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry. Contact us today for any questions on how we can help give your home the pizzazz it deserves.