For those who have decided that faux is the way to go when bringing indoor plants into their home, many have aimed to find the best fake plants that look real. There are plenty of benefits to owning fake plants over real ones, but it often becomes difficult to find artificial greens that look like the real thing. So what are these superior fake plants that look real, and what are their overall benefits when jazzing up an indoor space?

The Benefits of Fake Plants

Some of the general benefits of fake plants over real ones include their low maintenance, as anyone without a green thumb can care for these greens. They are also cleaner and safer than real plants, as they don’t require potting, soil management, and are non-toxic to children and pets. Artificial plants are also more versatile than real ones, and can be placed in areas of a house that don’t get sunlight, giving owners a chance to get creative. Still, a common concern for faux foliage owners is whether or not they will look real, as the reputation for these fake greens has certainly been on an upward trend in recent years.

The Most Realistic Artificial Plants

Some of the most realistic artificial plants range from potted flowers and bushes to trees, shrubs, and stalks. Among the many to choose from, some specific and realistic looking fake plants that’ll really stand out and “wow” your guests include:

  • Fig and Ficus Trees – Due to their height and broad stature, fig and ficus trees can cover huge portions of space, and their lofty leaves can be manipulated greatly, making them look as real as fake plants come. This 5 ft Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Plants to Porch will help bring a lighter, livelier feel to any environment, and is great for indoor use.
  • Olive Trees – These trees will enhance any space by tying your style together, with just enough subtlety to work just about anywhere. Check out this 5 ft natural olive tree as a great way to keep your guests raving.
  • Cactus Plants – A perfect accent piece for any room in the home, these cactus plants not only look real, but feel real as well. Bring a touch of desert nature to your home with this fake cactus plant from Plants to Porch.
  • Ferns – Ferns are great because of their versatility and their ability to be potted, hung, or placed on furniture with ease. This Boston fern in a round wooden planter adds the perfect amount of contrast and style to an indoor setting.
  • Wildflowers – Bring some color into your indoor setting with some wildflowers and other floral arrangements. This orange poppy and wildflower medley will liven up any space and bring brightness where it’s needed most.

Plants to Porch, Your #1 Stop For Artificial Plants

Have you decided that faux is the way to go, and you want the best looking thing? Plants to Porch has been providing top quality artificial plants and flowers for over 35 years. Our wide range of products is sure to provide you with elite decorative plants that fit your home, keeping in mind an attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry. From trees and succulents, to floral arrangements for both indoor and outdoor settings, we source our products from all around the world, and take great pride in our artistic vision and hence only use the most realistic replica faux botanicals during our design process.

Check out our entire line of artificial plant products to find the perfect match for your home setting. For any questions or comments, learn more about our process or contact us today.