Faux plants are a great, much more convenient way to style up your home, but sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out how to make artificial plants look real.

The tedium that comes with caring for real plants is a totally understandable bother. To avoid this hassle but still retain the stylistic advantages of real plants, many have figured out how to make artificial plants look real. There is nothing wrong with using fake plants, and with just a little bit of magic, they can look as lively as their real alternatives. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you make the faux look ‘faux-real!’

Ways to Make Fake Plants Look Real

There are many easy ways to make fake plants look real, but there are also certain aspects that can be dead giveaways to your faux botanicals. To avoid these greens sticking out like a sore thumb, consider some of these tricks to keep them looking fresh and lively.

  • Clean them regularly! – Fake plants are like magnets to dust, so you want to make sure you regularly clean them so people don’t wonder why your flower pot looks like it just came from your attic
  • Hang them high and out of the open – Nosey guests may notice the rubbery nature of your plants if they get too close, so a simple way to fix that is to hang them in corners, or from high spots where they won’t get exposed as faux
  • Use vases and water – Your fake plant certainly doesn’t need water, but placing the stems in a vase can give off the effect that it’s real. Plus people are less inclined to touch a plant in water than in a pot
  • Create larger pots – Artificial plants usually come in small pots because they don’t need one. This is a dead giveaway, and can be fixed by making larger pots that look more realistic

The Art of Accenting

Natural accenting is a great way to add a touch of realism to your faux plants, whether it’s the use of rocks, dirt, sand or soil, or by carefully choosing where they fit in your home. You wouldn’t put a real plant in a dark corner with no sunlight, so why would you put a fake plant there? Location is key in this quest for realism. There are even guides on how to make fake potted plants that use fake soil from coffee, glue, and some creative ingenuity.

Artificial House Plants That Look Real

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