Knowing how to secure artificial plants in pots is important to understand when you’re decorating a space and trying to bring some faux life into it. There are plenty of reasons why someone would choose an artificial plant over a real one, but most people don’t realize that potting them can be a little different when compared to their real alternatives.

Below, we’ll go over just how different these processes can be and how you can start potting your artificial plants today.

Potting Artificial Plants With Indoor Planters

Potting artificial plants can be tricky, considering they aren’t real and don’t naturally settle their way into the soil like a real plant.

When potting them, it’s important to choose a sturdy pot that you know can withstand the weight of both the plant itself and any additional soil or decorations you wish to add.

Depending on the style or design choice you’re going for, you can fill a pot with other materials—such as sand, stones, bark, or mud. Whichever filler you choose, make sure you have enough of it to safely secure the plant.

The typical size recommended for the planter is up to 8″ in diameter for plants that are up to 4 feet tall and 12″ in diameter for every 4 feet.

Once you’ve decided on your pot and filler, prepare the pot by adding filler if the pot is deep. If the pot isn’t too deep and doesn’t need extra filler, you can place your plant in the middle of the pot and spread the filler around the plant, ensuring that the plant’s base gets fully covered. Once the plant is secure, add in other items, like faux flora and fauna or additional stones, to add more decorations to the plant.

How to Fill an Outdoor Planter with Artificial Flowers

Artificial plants can also be used outdoors for decorations on patios, porches, and windows.

The best artificial flowers for outside pots are any that have UV protection. UV protection will block ultraviolet light from damaging the artificial flowers and plants, which helps reduce fading.

Potting artificial plants or flowers is very similar to potting an indoor plant. The biggest difference is using heavier pots to weigh down the pot against any weather elements.

If you’re using a bigger pot, you can add bricks, large rocks, or sand to the bottom of the pot to prevent it from falling over. After you secure the pot, fill the pot with soil or foam and arrange the flowers however you want.

Plants to Porch

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