Artificial floral arrangements are an excellent alternative to live houseplants. They look just as beautiful in your space, add wonderful color and texture, and don’t come with the continued responsibility that live plants require.

Plus, faux plants are both pet and baby safe! You’ll never have to worry about anyone getting sick after munching on a leaf or coming home to find a mess of dirt on the ground. Keeping a houseplant alive just adds more items to your to-do list. Your home’s decor should create an oasis of tranquility – not stress.

The key to seamlessly working artificial plants into your home decor is styling them properly. With these tips and tricks, you can trick visitors into thinking they’re real plants!

Decorating with Artificial Greenery

Decorating with artificial greenery isn’t much different from decorating with real, live plants. Consider the following tips when thinking about your own artificial plants home decor ideas:

  • Select colors and textures that complement your space

Decide what kind of aesthetic you’re going for in your home. Do you want to create a tropical oasis with palm trees and fronds? Or, perhaps you want to bring a bit of a southwestern vibe with fake succulents and cacti? If your home is craving a pop of color, keep an eye out for fake plants that come in hues of pink or purple. Large artificial trees can instantly brighten up a room and fill up empty spaces.

  • Pick the right planter

Unfinished porcelain and concrete planters are excellent for holding faux plants because they add raw, natural texture that helps make the plant look more authentic. Terra cotta flower pots are excellent if you’re looking to keep a minimalistic style that has little pops of color here and there. Bright colored planters will make a statement and look great when paired with a plant of a similar color.

  • Mix and Match

One of the most exciting things about fake plants is the fact that you can use them year-round with all kinds of plants! Faux plants don’t care what the temperature is, how much sun they’re getting, or how much (or how little) you pay attention to them. That means you can fill your home with whichever faux plants, trees, succulents, and flower arrangements you want. 

  • Supplement your real plants

There are certain plants out there that are beautiful and particularly difficult to care for. For example, many people have trouble getting orchids to bloom. You can brighten up your plant collection (real or fake!) with a faux orchid that is always in bloom. If you select a high-quality faux plant and take a little bit of time to dust it off every now and again, visitors will assume it’s real – especially if nestled in between real houseplants. 

  • Keep them clean

Faux plants are much easier to care for tham real houseplants, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely effort-free. You may want to dust the leaves on your fake plants a couple of times per month. Simply use a soft, damp rag or feather duster and carefully remove dust from the leaves and petals. This will also help you avoid cobwebs.

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