Faux greens are a great alternative to sprucing up your outside spaces, they add depth, dimension and beautiful colors that help bring your home to life. And, they look just like the real thing! The best artificial outdoor plants offer a wide range of fashionable styles that can mesh with any contemporary home design.  

Can you put fake plants outside? Yes, and it’s a pretty popular choice among many homeowners for the convenience they provide. Windowboxes, walkway shrubbery, gardens, and everything else that’s real can prove time consuming to care for. You may also live in certain parts of the country where inclement weather prevents real plants from thriving.

But, all that being said, you will have to take some precautions to protect your fake outdoor plants from the elements. This will help them look fresh and alive for years.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the most realistic looking faux plants and to how properly care for them.

Some of the Most Popular Realistic Fake Outdoor Plants

Here is a list of our top recommendations for realistic fake outdoor plants. These plants will have visitors fooled into thinking you’ve got two green thumbs. 

  • Artificial Areca Palm Tree

An artificial palm tree is the perfect fake outdoor plant for anyone who wants to bring a tropical vibe to their yard. We suggest styling artificial palms near your pool area, in the sunroom, or in your beach-themed bathroom. 

  • Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Use an artificial boxwood hedge to give your backyard some privacy. It can also act as a barrier for your porch or patio to separate it from the rest of the yard. One of the best things about artificial boxwood is that it looks and feels real to the touch – as long as you purchase a high-quality artificial plant, that is!

  • Artificial Fig Tree

Fig trees have large, bright green leaves that take up lots of space. An artificial fig tree would be great to fill an empty spot on your porch or patio. Artificial fig trees have positionable leaves and branches so you can style the tree to look exactly the way you want.

  • Artificial Cypress Plant

Cypress plants have many uses – they can be lined up against one another to create a wall around your property, they take entryways up a notch when placed beside a door frame, and they look great styled in a garden. Artificial cypress plants are always well-manicured, so your houseguests will always marvel at how sleek your outdoor plants look.

  • Artificial Olive Trees

Artificial olive trees are inspired by the natural foliage of the Mediterranean. Adding a few artificial olive trees to your backyard will have you feeling as though you are walking through an airy garden in Greece or Italy.

How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside

Although artificial plants are much more durable and way more resilient than natural foliage, they do require a little bit of attention every now and then. 

  • Some artificial outdoor plants will come with a UV protective coating. If you don’t see that listed in your plant’s description, spray it with a UV protectant spray. This will help keep it from fading in the sun.
  • Dust leaves regularly with a feather duster.
  • If your artificial plants require a deeper cleaning, use a mild spray detergent and a soft, damp cloth to clean the leaves and branches. 
  • Reapply UV protectant after deep cleaning artificial plants.
  • Bring artificial plants indoors during extreme weather conditions, including high temperature, snow, heavy rain, and heavy wind.

Shop Outdoor Artificial Plants

Plants to Porch has a wide selection of artificial plants that are designed for outdoor use. All of our outdoor artificial plants have been treated with a UV protectant and are made with high-quality materials. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our artificial outdoor plants!